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Half of all states have now either abolished the death penalty or have a moratorium on executions. Isaac Ehrlich, for example, writes as if this were the case. The overall population has, of course, increased significantly in that time.

Four practices inherited from the Maoist period are the subject of some debate in China at the present time.

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But that resulted from a drop of nine victims. Moreover, expansion of these nations often occurred by conquest of neighbouring tribes or nations. Our inability to do so means that in deciding whether to inflict the death penalty we often attend more to the circumstances of the crime than to the circumstances of the criminal. The Death Penalty Project is an international human rights organization.

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However, as noted throughout this report, police also provided context to the increase in these offences beyond new reporting standards.

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In this and the preceding chapter we lay out some of the key challenges to using data from the studies reviewed in the next two chapters to infer the causal effect of the death penalty on the homicide rate.
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